A New ME

Ever since the Anumita came to my life.. my philosophies have changed. Temporary or not I can’t tell right now. 

How these changes happened , I do not know but the thinking has changed from more emotional to being practical.

A compulsive spender like me not interested in shopping ( for myself) anymore.

Constantly worrying about saving every penny and looking at ways to cut corners.

Imagining what the future would like if I did took a particular decision and what impact it would have on us

Putting all my priorities behind for my family

Wonder if this NEW ME is going to last for the selfish being that I am. But if I were selfish in the core, would I have changed like this. Why did it take a baby in my life to change me? Is this change for the better,or the best? Should I go back to my old self for Survival’s sake?

OH! now I get it… I was surviving earlier, protecting myself, myself is all I had!!!

Now I feel like living. It is called living when you do it for others.

Sigh! Revelations, how they come?


Scenes, one after the other flash in front of Anandi amma’s eyes, of the days bygone and of the people she had fiercely held close to her heart. Flash they come, flash they go. Her once smooth as butter skin, crinkled, her glorious mane had turned to few wisps of white and the pearls in her mouth, long gone. Gone like the people in her life. Lying on her bed, she stares at the ceiling trying to recollect where she was. Yes, she remembered, not where she was but the place where her fine, gentle-man of a husband took her right after they were married. Corner of eyes, seem to respond to the feeling inside her heart. How happy she felt at the moment. Or was she happy now remembering a time that’s just a memory in her head. Happiness, such a cunning, sly thing, this happiness. Never tells us when its coming or for that matter when it would leave. Always making us pine for it, this cunning thing , this happiness. Continue reading Reminiscence