The ‘Reasonable’ Week

Certain set of days just give you a smug and a contented feeling. That was my last week- all 7 days.  I had it all in place just like the radio show on 104.2 FM – Ration ki dukaan-‘sab kuch milega, par thoda thoda’. Some amount of reading, some studying, wee bit of working out, good amount of cooking, decent amount of browsing, time with friends and fabulous time with family.

The highlight of the week was — Mimi learnt to say ‘CAR” . Yeah, well before she can say Amma or Papa. It feels a bit sad but then car is fine too. Continue reading The ‘Reasonable’ Week

The Week That Was..

Happy Dusshera!

Sheera /Halwa prasad to all my readers!

What a week it has been! The Millenium Trilogy kept me company for most. This Trilogy by Stieg Larsson is about a kick-ass heroine Lisabeth Salander. A socially inept woman with a strong sense of whats right and whats wrong. So I have been reading in between meals, while cooking, while shoving the clothes into the washing machine, so you can imagine what a page turner it is. Continue reading The Week That Was..

The week that went by

There are days when you feel stagnant. That is how my week began. I just did not feel motivated to do anything. Not cleaning, not checking out my next chapter of “French for Beginners”, not hitting the gym, not reading, not studying, not even surfing the net. Zero Motivation like in the zero cal fizz drink minus the fizz. Days poured in and out like people visiting but not acknowledging your presence. It did not feel strange since I’ve had days like this before. I knew their kind. They just come and go. You don’t feel a thing.

Probably it was just Mimi who thought differently. She had Tinkerbell for company. Mimi tried her best to cheer me up as she danced to Tinkerbell songs and clapped her hands in glee. Continue reading The week that went by