The ‘Reasonable’ Week

Certain set of days just give you a smug and a contented feeling. That was my last week- all 7 days.  I had it all in place just like the radio show on 104.2 FM – Ration ki dukaan-‘sab kuch milega, par thoda thoda’. Some amount of reading, some studying, wee bit of working out, good amount of cooking, decent amount of browsing, time with friends and fabulous time with family.

The highlight of the week was — Mimi learnt to say ‘CAR” . Yeah, well before she can say Amma or Papa. It feels a bit sad but then car is fine too.

The week started sluggish, I must admit. It is still difficult to come in terms with the fact that, in this part of this world, Sunday is the first day of the week. It almost feels like an injustice when the world is just waking up to a gorgeous Sunday, I have to be up and preparing lunch/breakfast to begin the week. Hopefully, in some more time it would be easy to embrace this change.

But slowly the week took the pace, some studying during the day, a sense of urgency to pack more in my day including taking Mimi to the park and playing with her. It is absolutely marvelous how she makes friends with almost everybody that she meets. She acts like the ice breaker for us to get talking. We also hit the coffee shops couple of times this week and in one such visit to the Seattle Coffee – Cinnabon Mimi befriended a Bahraini lady and a Lebanese guy. It turned out that the guy was a pediatrician. He became obsessed with her checking her reflexes, her weight, her ear, her nose and Mimi thought he was playing with her. Both of them raised hell in the coffee shop inviting everybody including the serving lady. The doctor was jumping around the whole place like a rabbit to make her laugh and he took her around the whole shop behind his back. She seemed to like him just too much. He gave me advice about what else I should include in her diet since he felt she was too small for a 1-year-old. He asked me to include Pediasure ( supplement in chocolate flavour) and D- Alpha -3 ( another vitamin supplement). Coincidently, he shared his birthday with Mimi (17th sept). So that’s how we got about talking and they asked about me and how am handling the baby by myself. I was surprised to know the Bahraini lady was a Civil engineer and worked as a project manager. She completely shattered the image that I had about Bahraini women. Not to add, she was a mother of 3 boys. She gave me some very sound advice about how I shouldn’t lose myself  just because I have a baby now. She told me that it was okay that for the time being if the baby was the center of my universe, but in the long run, it was important to not lose sight of what I want in life and who I want to be.  She also warned me against post partum depression and told me keep my guard up against this ugly monster. I took it all in and felt blessed for having met this pair of  individuals who were striking in their own way. Another bummer was, the guy was not a practising pediatrician, but  a Petro Chemical engineer!!!!! So engineering and being an engineer was another topic of conversation. I told them that I was ardently looking for a job and wanted to get back into the career front as soon as possible. They asked me to meet them up anytime I wanted after 9 pm at Seattle Coffee on all weekdays.

Mind you, they weren’t even related in any way. They were just two people who met in the coffee shop and had become incredible friends.

This part of the world keeps fascinating me more and more.

Now for working out, I reached a new height with a 4.5 km run in 30 minutes. It almost felt like old times and that my body was helping me achieve it was incredibly motivating.

Amit had a more or less uneventful week, was what I understood from his moods but we didn’t talk about it too much. There was so much going on otherwise.

I also upped my fashion knowledge by browsing the internet and my following Vogue_UK on twitter. I got some amazing tips on how to work old clothes and make them look all new and trendy. This was a new phenomenon which they call Upscaling. They basically take their mom’s /aunts  old dresses and revolutionize them in ways unimaginable. Indeed interesting. That made me wonder if my mother would ever hand me down her beautiful sarees, what would I do with them. I couldn’t bear tearing them up but I could pair it up with fabulous jewellery and halter blouses or sleeveless blouses ( maybe not). I came across this amazing fashion company called ECO AGE run by Livia Firth ( Colin Firth‘s wife) and they have edgy products which are all made from recycled stuff, organic and all green. It was quite a revelation when I found out that they did a lawn made out of rubber tyres for Jessica Alba‘s home. The lawn looked like a real grass lawn and supposedly as soft as the real one. Most importantly, it doesn’t need to be watered!!

Now for the weekend, I had the tremedous urge to pull up my sleeves and cook something different. So I brought out a recipe book and pulled out the “Pathiri- Tomato curry” – Malabar Speciality- recipe. Pathiri is a rice chappati and Tomato curry is actually tomato-onion curry. This is something my mom made often but I never bothered to learn it from her. So now I have to stress over a cook book to get it right. Surprisingly it was very easy to make and I was done very quickly.

The recipe goes like this.

For the Pathiri –

1 glass rice powder

1 glass hot water

1 table spoon oil

salt to taste

Heat the water in the pan ( 1 glass) and add the tbsp oil and salt. The slowly add the rice powder in bits and stir alongside. Till all the powder is in, keep stirring to try and avoid lumps. Let it be on slowly fire while you do this and let it stay ( without stirring) on sometime on fire ( about 45 secs). The remove from fire and keep aside covered with a plate. After a minute or so and with a little dare, knead the rice mix with your hands into a soft dough. Roll out balls ( larger ones) and make them into chappatis. Take the tava and let it heat and then place each rice – chappati/Pathiri on it. Roast it with no oil at all. Pathiri is done. It must be served hot and consumed hot.

For the Tomato curry-

3 large onions

3 large tomatoes

1-2 green chillies

small piece of ginger,

some chana dal

some mustard ( for vaghaar) & oil

Curry leaves for flavour.

Sugar, tumeric & Salt

Dice the onion, long and long. Keep aside. Take a pan and heat some oil and put the mustard seeds and chana daal. Once the chana dal is fried into a golden brown, add the curry leaves and then the onions. Let the onions fry for a while. Meanwhile cut the tomatoes and keep aside and dice the ginger and green chillies. Add all of it once the onions have cooked for a while. Place the lid on the pan and let all of it cook for a while. After some time, add tumeric, salt and some sugar to taste. Its done. Serve hot, hot.

The sugar, salt and green chillies in combination with the ginger gives a lovely flavour. Trust me, its a lip-smacking and all healthy breakfast option.

Pathiri-tomato curry

The above recipe has been sent for a competition at Kerala Kitchen and I am extremely proud and excited to be a part of this group. This would mean I would get the opportunity to learn new kerala recipes and then  try them out as well.


So that’s how my week was and now am looking forward to KarwaChauth on the 26th of this month. Hope to enjoy each day of this week.

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  1. I tasted this dish at my PG in Chennai. I was horrified to not see any veggies in the gravy and thought the PG lady was being cheap by serving onion and tomato veg

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  3. i wish to develop an iphone application for foreigners who wish to visit in kerala and font of kerala food culture if u r interested in this. Please feel to contact me.Lets add ur dishes and suggestions to mobile application ,That makes you fameous harikrishnan

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