Baguette Bread Pudding for Mother’s Day

I realized how lucky I am when I was browsing through all my old photographs. My parents have inevitably been a part of every milestone of my life.  Be it my first singing performance in front of a large audience, Annual sports day, or  my graduation day ceremony, my wedding (ofcourse), at the birth of my daughter, her first birthday, the launch of my first book ( a post coming up soon with the details) and so on. I feel blessed and so loved by a set of parents who have helped, guided and supported me in all my life’s decisions. 13th May being Mother’s Day, I take this opportunity to tell them how infinitely lucky I feel to have them in my life and how much they mean to me.

These days, they are visiting us in Bahrain and it has been the most relaxed, stress free period in a long, long time. Mimi had a small accident where she fell of the sofa and broke her right elbow. The impact of the fall was quite severe and her right arm had to be plastered for 3 weeks. I was at my wits end when I couldn’t figure out how I was going to manage her, my work, home and everything else. I do have the most dependable nanny in the world but I was still apprehensive considering how Mimi was going to spend her whole day at home when I was at work.  So I asked my parents to come down and they obliged without a thought. They had a lot of pressing commitments back home but when it comes to their grand-daughter, they pushed everything in the back burner and hopped on the first flight to Bahrain. They have been here for the last 3 weeks and we have another week with them. I feel sad already thinking that they would be leaving soon and soon there will be  heart-shaped void for a long, long time before things get back to normal. Mimi’s cast is off and my parents have been a great influence when it comes to teaching her new things, our language and every little detail. Mimi has started speaking a lot more and expresses herself more clearly. When my parents leave Mimi will miss them more than ever.

While they are here, I made sure I  made every day count, especially the weekends. My dad is extremely fond of baked goodies so I made him an apple cake, raspberry brownies, the chocolate cherry cupcakes, Palmiers ( post on the way), hopefully a cheesecake and some fruit cake before he leaves. My mother is passionate about cooking and loves to watch me in action so that she can go back home and try some of it on her own. She gives me ideas on how I can improve something or change ingredients. She has a creative streak in her which she unleashes effortlessly in the kitchen. My father has a way with words and he gives me ideas about how I can write new posts on my blog on varied topics. Both of them read my blog with great interest and give me their honest opinion about it.

So you see, it is a win-win.

I know I am going to miss them terribly when they leave and I cannot wait to plan my next trip to see them in Kerala. Though it is Mother’s Day tomorrow, I would want to wish my dad also because they are a team; my mom and dad. They have do things together, take decisions together and there not a single instance that I recall where they haven’t stuck together during the thick and the thin. These are the values they have passed on to me and my brother – Family always comes first.

 I made them some baguette bread pudding and they loved it more than all the other baked goodies. Bread and butter pudding has been my eternal favourite as long as I remember. My mother used to make a non-baked version of the bread and the butter pudding which I used to love. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember how to make it after all this time. That is the reason why she encourages me to detail it all down on my blog for posterity.

The baguette was a few days old and that really enhanced the flavour of the pudding. Also, it is important not to be stingy when it comes to butter because bread and butter pudding requires loads of butter-love. I added cranberries because I wanted their tartness to shine through the dull sweetness of the custard. I remembered to soak the cranberries in rum overnight and in the morning they had soaked in all the alcoholic goodness.  I blow torched the bread pudding to give it a brownish-black crust because my hubby loves a little burnt taste in his bread pudding. Burnt sugar on the top provides the much needed textrue to the otherwise ooey-gooey bread pudding.

Though Mimi doesn’t know it is Mother’s Day tomorrow and what it means to our relationship, I know for a fact that she would run to me when I come back from work. The delight on her face is beyond compare and lights up the dreariest day. I look forward to that reaction every single day after I come back from work. A few years down the lane, I am also looking forward to the hand made beautiful cards she is going to make for me 🙂

Wishing all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day because this day like every day is  a testimony of the fact that we are the moving force in our child’s life. We have the power to mould them into the individuals that they are today or would be in the future. To carry out this  immense responsibility I wish from the higher power to give each one of us enough strength and determination.

24 thoughts on “Baguette Bread Pudding for Mother’s Day”

  1. Perfectly timed post, Anita. Wishing you a very happy mother’s day! This is indeed a day to feel blessed for all the little moments we have had with our parents and kids. Come to think of it, life truly seems like a gift sometimes. 🙂

  2. I was brought up on bread pudding and bread and butter pudding. It was an economical way to use leftovers as well as being absolutely delicious. Really lovely post with nice sentiments.

  3. What a beautiful ode of love to your parents. Bread pudding is one of my favorite desserts, this is definitely on my list to make.

    So happy they could be there to help and have fun with. My parents are the same way, at the drop of a hat they will be there.

    Sending your girl well wishes and a very speedy & full recovery.

  4. The yummilicious bread pudding you made- my absolute favourite amongst all the desserts till now!
    I get the secret now, I kept wondering why does the raisini type of stuff u put into the yummmm yummm pudding taste so delightful! now I know! its cranberries, a little spirit and a oodles of mummy love! :-)))
    .. the love of a daughter for her parents and the love that the parents reciprocate and the tiny little Mimi… much love! this had to be your bestseller!
    Happy Mother’s day sweetie.

  5. Three generations of lovely ladies…you look so much like your mother!

    You really are an amazing mother and daughter and deserve all the recognition in the world. Happy Happy Mother’s Day…I’m glad your mom was able to share it with you.

  6. aw, this is such a beautiful post! the pics speak a thousand words… esp the one of mimi and ur dad is super cute! 🙂 the baguette pudding looks mouth watering…its no wonder that they loved it

  7. happy mothers day.. and thanks for sharing the recipe too.. i think grandparents are always there for their grandchildren on need.. that how the relations work na.. 🙂

  8. belated mother’s day to you…that is a delicious bread pudding !!!!!!loved it …bookmarked!!!!

  9. Hey ani, once again a wonderful piece of writing expressing turly your profound and sincere love for parents…Infact we all owe a lot to our parents.. Well had i not read this post of yours, i would have never stumbled upon the news “your first book to be hitting the shelves soon”…. i am desperately waiting to hear all about it from you in your next blog.. and i am very sure that i would get my hands on the book as early as possible…
    Anita you are truly a multi tasker.and you surely inspire others to be so…. HAts off you dear…

  10. Saw this rather late, I still have bread pudding on my TODO list. I am to hear about Mimi, hope she has bounced back to normal!
    Lovely to read about you and your parents 🙂

  11. I’ve been so tied up that I’ve missed a crapload of your lovely posts. But I’m baaack to appreciate the yumminess! Love bread and butter pudding, though I’ve never tried at home! This might make my Friday brunch menu next week.

  12. wow such a lovely post… it simply reminds me of my lovely mom and dad and how much they love my lil one… i especially love the pic of ur baby sleeping with ur dad… it feels wonderful to see how our lil one are loved so deeply by them…i hope u will make many more lovely goodies for ur parents while they r @ ur place…enjoy!

  13. For some reason when I try to log in with wordpress it just does not work! It has been awhile. It’s wonderful when your parents step in to help out…it’s like moms have ESP about when we really need them, they can hear it in our voice! Mimi has really grown.!

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