Weight Loss Woes & Peppers Stuffed with Scrambled Eggs

I do not even know where to begin or how to begin. I am struggling for words to convey my utter stupidity and trust me it is not an easy task. Against all well- intentioned warnings, I embarked on a fasting project for the 3 weeks of Ramadan. With fellow Muslims who were fasting (for religious purposes ofcourse) it felt like this was opportunity I should avail myself. I had it easier because I did not shun water or coffee. Coffee killed my appetite for the short-haul and long hours of starving killed my appetite for good.  I came back home to have my only meal for the day with butter milk. Mostly these meals were vegetable stir fries with beans/lentils or Chicken. If for some reason, during the day if I felt my energy reserves sapping, I would indulge in a banana or an apple. I did this for 3 weeks and worked out on and off depending on whether I had the will power for it or not. Surprisingly, I did not feel weak at all. I felt quite energized and found that fasting kept my mind alert ( or maybe it was the black coffee that did the trick). The 3 weeks passed so quickly that it did not feel like a chore at all. It felt like an achievement for some strange reason; the knowledge that I could do without food for hours and hours and still not feel depressed was empowering. It weirdly felt right. Only the first 3 days of fasting seemed a bit difficult to tackle but after that it was really easy. Weekends were a bit relaxed but I still stuck to the 1 meal a day rule even over weekends.

Towards the beginning of the third week, I realized, I wasn’t losing any weight and on the contrary I had put on weight. A fact that was confirmed after a visit to the hospital during a random medical check up routine. I was really taken aback but not surprised ( to my surprise!!). It had to happen. Starvation lead my body to get into the famine mode and storing every bit that  was being consumed and in turn made me gain kilos. I have to admit it was depressing to say the least.

I thought Ramadan was the best time to experiment because most of the locals in office were fasting and food and water was banned anywhere around them as a way of being sensitive to their feelings. Food and water was allowed to expats in the pantry under conditions such as no aroma/smells should emanate from the food consumed in the pantry. This meant heating food in the pantry microwave wasn’t allowed until 2:30 pm. It was only after 2:30 pm that the expats were allowed food because that is when the locals were given the rest of the day off for the entire 30 days of Ramadan. Expats too could follow the suit but most often than not, we had to sit back to finish work. It wasn’t unfair, but it was a new way of working for me. My hubby had 2 years of experience behind him working during Ramadan. Generally speaking the work load is not that intense as most offices closed at 1 or 2 pm.

I digress.

The point of discussion here is against my better sense, I fasted for 3 weeks, my body got used to the new system and the result was I put on more weight inspite of eating healthy (most of the times) and fewer calories. I chose to put this up on my blog only to emphasize and re-emphasize, that starving doesn’t serve any purpose at all. Atleast for me it was an absolute failure considering the objective that I was hoping to achieve. Having said that, it felt like a torture to listen to a Bahraini colleague go on about the tonnes that she lost because of fasting. Guess it worked for her and not for me. My metabolism chugged slowly and probably came to a stop because of my stupid venture.

Since then I started eating more frequently, working out in a more disciplined fashion and making all attempts to rev up my metabolism. Hopefully, in a few weeks time I should be able to reverse the damage that I have done to my body and my system. No more of such moronic experiments for me, I have decided.

I began by eating my breakfast and I realized I wasn’t hungry for breakfasts at all and felt like throwing up whenever I had a bite or two. In order to whet my appetite ( or whatever was left of it), I tried making eggs in interesting ways. One such breakfast was a Peppers filled with Scrambled egg. It was scrumptious and was easy to wolf it down with it a glass of apple juice.

My system jolted to a start by recognizing good tasting food and since then it has been quite comfortable eating breakfast.

These Peppers are visually appealing and shout ‘ Healthy’ from a mile away. That is why I am so drawn to them. Growing up I hated them but over time I have started to love their taste and the freshness they bring to stir fries and salads. As for the scrambled eggs which were laced with mushrooms, herbs and tantalizing seasonings, they were most filling ( all the pun intended). The pepper cook slightly but their crunchiness  is retained which I believe is the highlight of the recipe. While making them I thought they would be tricky but with a friend’s help, I managed well. Served with warm wholemeal toast and some more scrambled eggs on the side, it was just the perfect start to my day.

I dedicate this healthy and delicious breakfast to one of my favourite food bloggers whose birthday it is tomorrow. Sangeeta, who ONLY blogs about healthy recipes and makes me feel like a culprit with my posts talking about only white flours, butter and sugar. She is a wonderful person with whom I have had the opportunity to interact at a personal level and I am so thankful that our food-laden paths crossed.

Happy Birthday Sangeeta! Wish you all the happiness and luck in this world. Much love!!




31 thoughts on “Weight Loss Woes & Peppers Stuffed with Scrambled Eggs”

  1. I had no clue. But I know that starving isn’t good for your body. That’s a lesson learned hard way,huh 🙂
    That is a perfect breakfast ! Happy birthday Sangeeta 🙂

  2. I have probably tried all the diets on earth, and learned the hard way that they don’t really work unless you can stick to them for the rest of your life. Something I can never do! I have been trying to lose weight for a long time now and the only thing that worked for me is eating only home made food, less meat and some exercise.
    Love the egg dish, its delicious!!

    1. yes I even I endorse that and I have always have- eat in moderation and exercise. But sometimes I can act in a very hare-brained way and the consequences get me to believe what I have always known for the longest time.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Poornima

  3. Will definitely try this recipe once I get my gas cylinder.. don’t think I can make it in the microwave. Gaining weight despite denying yourself food sucks. I have just started to diet and exercise with the objective of losing weight and everything is planned… what I eat, how much, how much workout etc etc… Its difficult but cannot happen randomly… or so I hope.

  4. Oh wow.. I am so touched by you lovely gesture Anita. You know I have a soft spot for you and get extremely worried ‘sometimes’…and now you have rendered me even more helpless 🙂 A stupid lil girl is after my life 😉
    Thank you so much for all the heartfelt wishes from your readers as well..

    Fasting has never worked for anyone. If someone looses weight it comes back and frequent variations in weight screws up our hormone balance. Thank God your self-experimental mode is gone for the better. I am relieved 🙂
    Thank for that as well.

  5. RIGHT, and there was me telling myself how stupid i have been , fasting during ramadan would have been a ideal idea for me to try to lose weight too.. but then the image shattered …

    and I know Sangeeta too wishing here a VERY HAPPY birthday ..

  6. Now that’s interesting. You actually gained weight?

    I don’t follow any religious fasting, I am fasting unwillingly again these days, so I cant afford loosing weight. I have gone through extreme weight conditions. I used to be 60 kg some 8 years back and now I am at 46. 2 months back in Austria I had my healthy 50 back and gaining was super easy over there. In my opinion heat kills the hunger and the spices help the system to burn faster. We don’t consume much milk products in Goa, cause the qualities are simply not as I am used to in Austria, so that might be a factor as well. I still don’t understand sometimes why a human body gains weight or looses weight at certain times. Fast changes can be a damage to your health but if you keep on wit the same diet then you should be loosing weight. As long as you work out too! We have to consider too that fats are lighter then muscles, but muscles shape our body. so if u gain muscle weight then it is good!

    About your recipe, I am looking forward to make this tonight. I love eggs and stuffed capsicums anyway, plus I need some convenient recipe ideas with the ingredients available here (and right now there is not much choice in the rains).

    Thanks for sharing your experience and of course the recipe too anita! =)

  7. It’s so important to eat every 2 or 3 hours but I forget until I get to a point where I eat anything and everything in sight. So I am trying to get a little more disciplined too. We have started juicing a lot at home. Fresh vegetable juice like doodhi and ginger or carrots and tomatoes and celery. Hope I can get rid of the extra kilos from my holidays.

  8. Ramadan is a killer for one’s metabolism. My stomach has been hurting this entire week as it struggles to figure out what is going on! I feel your pain my friend. I hope that we both get back on track soon.

  9. Oh dear 🙁 What a shame that you had to go through 3 weeks of fasting as a way to lose weight, only to find that you gained weight instead. But you learn from experiences like these, fortunately or unfortunately. I think fasting works for some people, but everyone is different. Even then, people who lose weight quickly often put it back on quickly too. I hope your appetite and health will return soon 🙂

  10. Wow!!! this post is some eye opener…. Not that I fast too often but am often tempted too…. and now definitely not for such long periods of time!!!!! Thanks a lot for this post Anita…. It was very informational!!!!

  11. I knew it. Exactly why I don’t ever skip a meal. Or a snack. Ever. My body needs fuel at all times. Hopefully your body will adjust and go back to normal soon.

  12. It’s a very interesting point you raise here. Everything in moderation is an unfashionable but relevant maxim for life I think. Hope you get back on track soon.

  13. The receipe looks amazing. Pity, I cannot have it as I am a vegetarian ! Also, I too resorted to fasting during Paryushan, (during the same time as ramadan) and managed to lose some weight ! so, it was a win for me 🙂

  14. so sorry to hear about your weight loss woes.. sincerely hoping you will find something that works for you soon..
    Btw i ‘ve recently been making omelets with yellow and red bell peppers (including this morning and the husband actually likes them!), so your recipe prompted me to comment. Yours looks more fancy though 🙂

  15. This has been a very insightful post and very informative as well. I really need to get back in shape and was thinking of cutting down on my food intake cold turkey- however I see that it is not the right idea. Exercise+healthy diet!!

  16. This has been a very insightful and interesting read…I need to get back into shape and have been trying to cut down on food intake cold turkey, but now I realize it is a bad way of going about things. Exercise + healthy diet!

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