Chocolate Burfi

Indian sweets/desserts are not to be underestimated. The technique, the artistry and the expertise that goes behind bring a mass of milk in different forms and infusing them with the flavoring agents like Saffron, cardamom and many others takes some time to master. I have met more failures in trying to create an Indian dessert than with my baking experiments with flour, sugar and butter.

So for long, I have practiced a few Indian desserts which are firm favourite with my family and see to it that I do not mess up. Some of them being Kheer/payasam or Milk pudding with vermicelli or rice, Gajar halwa or carrot pudding, badam halwa or almond pudding, rawa halwa/sheera or semolina pudding and many such variations. For these desserts, my technique, measurements are set and I don’t mess around with them so they come out foolproof each time.

All photos courtesy : Namit Bhatia

Touchwood! (So much for my confidence)

But this time around, I was in the mood to experiment with any Indian dessert that was not only something that my family would love but also easy to put together. Burfi came to mind instantly, since my daughter loves it and calls them ‘Diamonds’. No trip to any sweet shop in Bahrain or India is complete without buying her, her favourite dabba (packet) of Diamonds. She confuses burfi with Kaju katli which is a cashew and milk preparation. But either of the two or (even better) both bring a sparkle to her eyes. When shown the dabba to pick one piece, she would say, “Two pieces, pwhweese, petty pwhweese” and I melt. Only the knowledge that too much of sugar would definitely be a problem that I would have to tackle when Mimi in her sugar rush would turn the house upside down, makes me a bit strict and I don’t let her have more helpings.

For the uninitiated, Burfi is a type of Mithai (a sweet) which is solid and is made from condensed milk/dry milk, sugar and seasoned cardamom or flavored saffron and laced with Vark (edible silver leaf) and nuts like pistachio

I tried making Chocolate burfi a week back, the result was not something to be proud of. I struck the attempt off as a failure and gave up on it entirely, until I recalled talking to a friend about an event she is running on her blog that called for all things chocolate. That inspired me to give Chocolate Burfi a second chance and more focus. The result was entirely satisfactory and the family received it with much gusto and enthusiasm. I took some to office where they were polished off in no time.

The burfi was incredibly soft and flavoured just right. I did not have any whipping cream on me so I used the normal heavy cream which worked just fine. I referred to the burfi recipe as explained by the talented duo of SHOW ME THE CURRY. It was so easy and the results were splendid. The chocolate and the milk layers were so distinct and it made this dessert standout. I garnished it with vark ( edible silver leaf) and some pistachios.

Now for the event; Riddhima is a good friend, colleague (for the littlest time) and fellow food blogger. She is an excellent cook and her blog is a testimony of how passionate is about trying different cuisines.

Her Contest goes like this; The Monthly Food Blog Event & Giveaway, “Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts!” This month’s theme is Chocolate!…. The event runs from August 1st-31st. has started this great event.

I am sending this off to the above event that I am so incredibly excited to be a part of.

17 thoughts on “Chocolate Burfi”

  1. Not only do they sound delicious but what a stunning dessert! I love all the flavors you described, especially cardamom and sweet & condensed milk, what a combo.

  2. I wish I could see Mimi turning the house upside down after one of those sugar rushes! And so cute that she calls them diamonds. Barfi is an eternal favourite. Your diamonds look gorgeous. I used to buy choco barfi from a bakery near my boarding school on weekends, and hide them in the dorm!

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