……and I learnt how to pipe and frost

I am happy to announce that I completed the last of my culinary bucketlist items yesterday. So the 2 posts that would follow after this one would be all about my culinary bucketlist for this year and I have quite some stories to tell.

At the risk of repeating myself over and over again, I  have to say this again, when you truly want something the Universe will find a way to make it happen. Given my hectic work schedule it was nearly impossible for me to attend any piping classes because most of them happen either in the morning or in the afternoon. Since I am not the most artistic person on earth, I could never grasp the subtle art of piping by watching youtube videos. Must I also add, I never had a lot of patience to do so either. So the piping exercise on my bucketlist seemed like the most daunting one for all the reasons mentioned above. But then like I said – the Universe came to my rescue. Through a colleague of mine, I stumbled across Gehna’s wonderous Facebook page. I gasped and sighed at the beautiful piping work and the creative fondant work that Gehna has showcased on her page. I made up my mind to ask her to help me out. Even if it meant I had to beg and plead.

A rosette with a 2D star tip

Well, I didn’t have to do any of that. Gehna was kind enough to oblige and she offered to help me with the basics. Gehna runs a home cake baking business in Bahrain. Her Facebook page will give you details of how you can contact her. Her specialty is eggless cakes and her pretty fondant ‘concept’cakes/cupcakes. Make sure you check her facebook page and book orders with her for your next big celebration. I guarantee you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Bouquet with a 18 star tip
Bouquet with a 18 star tip

Now back to my piping class-

Gehna and I spent nearly 3 hours going over the basic piping and frosting concepts. I learnt essential basics like :

  • How to fill a piping bag;
  • How to hold it and maneuver it;
  • The different types of piping tips and the effect that they produce such as the
  1. Star tips – 1 m , 2D, 18, 21 ( are useful to make rosettes, bouquets and shells etc)
  2. Round tips – 2, 12 ( make rose buds and beads)
  3. leaf tip – 352 ( leaf designs)
  4. petal tips- 104 ( rose petals)
  • The different types of support paraphernalia meant for piping such as – nails, stoppers, couplers, turntables etc.;
  • How to pipe – ofcourse!
  • Practiced different designs over and over again;
  • Learnt how to pipe cupcakes with designs that would suit them;
  • Learnt how to ‘crumb coat’ a cake before frosting it;
  • Made decorative chocolate flowers; – my favourite!
Shell design (left hand side) and petal design (right hand side)


Chocolate Rose in bloom
Chocolate Rose in bloom

Frosting the cake and then decorating it with chocolate roses and sprinkles
Frosting the cake and then decorating it with chocolate roses and sprinkles


There are various technical points to be kept in mind while piping such as the angle at which you would hold the piping bag, the amount of pressure to be given, the distance between the cupcake /cake and the piping tip, the consistency of the buttercream/frosting etc. A 3 hour session was like a movie trailer for me; just enough to whet my appetite. With Gehna’s help and guidance, I felt confident that I am not completely hopeless as I thought I was. I feel inspired to do a ‘Wilton cake decorating’ course in the future when I have some time on my hands but in the meanwhile, I can hone my newly acquired piping skills by practicing as much as I can on the cakes and the cupcakes that I bake at home.

A big thank you to you, Gehna. I am grateful that you ever so kindly agreed to help me cross this tough one off my culinary bucket list. I dedicate this post to you. Cheers to your future cake empire!!

P.S. you are yet to let me know what you want!


15 thoughts on “……and I learnt how to pipe and frost”

  1. And i bought my first set of piping tools today, not knowing that there was so much more to piping that just some tools! Those flowers look awesome.. you did those? on your training day? i bow to thee 🙂

    1. A comment from you after a million years! So glad. Lets catch soon La. Anybody with a zeal for arts and crafts can do this with little help and practice. Lets put it this way, if I can do this, anyone can.

  2. That’s wonderful Anita and your frosting in beautiful. The universe is listening to you 😉 but only because you have the motivation and commitment to get there. Looking forward to next ‘tick of the list!’.

  3. Stopped by your blog while blog hopping and I am so glad that I did find your blog….Amazing blog out there…Happily following u and would love to come back more often…Btw congrats on checking off items from ur bucket list for 2013

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