Top 5 foodie things I plan to do when I am in Dubai

I just heard some good news this morning. One of my very good friends is moving to Dubai from India and that has really prompted me to launch into another post about Dubai for obvious reasons. Though this friend isn’t much of a foodie but I know she would be a wonderful company to all my gastronomical adventures.

Here are top 5 foodie things I will not miss out on, when I visit Dubai:

  1. A food tour with Frying Pan Food Adventures: I have known Arva as food blogger for a few years now and her passion for food is unbelievable. She turned this growing passion for food into a foodie adventure by founding the food tour concept. Her food tours provide you with the most authentic of food and cultural experiences which you otherwise might completely miss. I follow her updates on social media closely so that I know the culinary delights I ought not to miss.
  2. Meet my blogger friends and have a meal together: Food blogging has been an enriching experience where I have met and interacted with lovely food bloggers, not just locally and regionally, but internationally as well. My visit to Dubai won’t be complete without meeting my fellow food bloggers and friends – Anamika, Amelia, Arva, Sally and so many others. I hope to sit down and have a meal with them discussing about what else – food!
  3. Visit the spice souk – I have the biggest fascination for spice markets and the Dubai Spice Souk tops the list. The visit will allow me to compare the different souk experiences I have had in Bahrain and Qatar. Bargaining is not my strongest trait but I will attempt nevertheless.
  4. Milk and Honey Dessert from Qbara – This dessert has caught my imagination and I have to try it. It is an indulgent dessert of Greek yoghurt and sumac panna cotta with a side of honey and saffron pashmak – this dessert according me is a thing of fantasy.
  5. Source :
    Source – Qbara Facebook
  6. Food Photography Workshop: I have started doing food styling professionally in Bahrain and am quite happy with the feedback that I am getting. But there are so many aspects of food photography that am yet to explore and learn. Time and again, I hear of wonderful food styling and photography workshops being conducted in Dubai. May be I should time my trip to benefit from one of these awesome workshops.

That should pretty much round up my Dubai food expedition. Now all that remains is for me to wait for my friend to come to Dubai. We were discussing her impending travel and is amazing the number of flights you have from India to Dubai these days. I recommended that she use FlyDubai which is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to fly from India to Dubai.  

If you think I have missed something out in my fun- foodie – stuff- to- do list, please let me know in the comments.

The Beach, Dubai: A small imaginary vacation that I took through a photo essay


I have been dreaming about a vacation for a long time, but my start-up demands a lot of time out of me, which invariably means I cannot get away any time soon. However, nothing stops me from dreaming about a short vacation. So where can I escape to without really burning a hole in my not-so-deep pocket?


Very recently, a friend had visited Dubai and has been showing me the pictures of all the places he went to. The typical Burj Khalifa kind of touristy things don’t really appeal to me, but there were these beautiful pictures of The Beach that caught my attention. Now, that is the kind of place I wouldn’t mind spending a long weekend at. Gazing at the rising or the setting sun at the beach, going for a long walk, and curling my toes on the wet sand sounds appealing to me. My 5-year-old can build her sand castles, while I can read a book and lounge on my beach bed with one eye on the book and the other on my daughter. 



I look at the shops at The Beach and it feels like a scene out of a quaint place in Europe. People chatting up with friends and in no particular hurry to finish their meals. I am particularly interested in checking out the gourmand sweet shops. I have been told that the Beach is a place away from the madding crowd, yet urbane with all the attractions of food and outdoorsy things-to-do for grown-ups and kids alike. I would imagine this place to be perfect to write. I have been meaning to start another novel, and if I could find a place to sit and write by the beach, with the breeze in my hair, there couldn’t be a more perfect setting.


IMG_3387 La-cure-G.-outside


Come to think of it, it would be even more wonderful if I could have my brother and sister-in-law to join us from India. They are in the middle of permanently moving to the US; I am extremely thrilled about it and wish them all the luck, but it would mean that I’d be seeing very little of them whenever I travel to India. I wish they could visit us before they move, and Dubai would be definitely be an ideal place to meet and spend time. Plus, this time they have no excuse because there so many convenient direct Indigo airlines flights from India to Dubai!

Imagining the trip with my brother and sister-in-law has already made me so cheerful. I hope it comes true! Meanwhile, I’ll just day dream scrolling down through these pictures from The Beach.



Pictures courtesy : Sushil Sasheendran