{Restaurant Review} Curry Night at Skywalk

There are plenty of exciting concepts sprouting all over the evolving food scene in Bahrain. Ardent foodies have many options to propel them to a various gastronomical seventh heavens. One such wonder is the “curry night” at Skywalk at the Marriott Executive Apartments in Juffair. Quietly nestling in the bustling neighbourhood of Juffair, the Sky walk has been nonchalantly brewing many culinary concepts to delight its in-house patrons ( the customers staying with the Marriott Executive Apartments) and the ones from around the island. Skywalk’s latest offering is the “Curry Night” through which it aims to share a different experience with curry lovers. There are lots of versions of curries from different parts of the world and understandably, we all have our own take on curries. The Curry Night at Skywalk Café offers guests the pleasure of creating their own curry masterpiece. The guests get to choose their own favorite condiment and a delicious sauce from Skywalk’s wide range that has been specially put together by their talented culinary team.IMG_0056_1

The guests can experiment by mixing different ingredients and have it cooked by Skywalk’s skillful chefs, just how they like it. This is complemented by delicious rice, a wide range of salads and scrumptious desserts. 

When I was invited by Skywalk to experience curry night, I was primarily expecting only Indian curries from their kitchen. But to my pleasant surprise, I was greeted with a range of curries from far-east and India. I was tempted to try all of them, instead decided to try my favourite Thai Green curry with rice. After I placed by order at the live cooking station, I headed to the salad bar which had a large spread of delightful and refreshing salads to choose from.





My Thai green curry was served piping hot with some rice to accompany it. The aroma wafting through the curry whet my appetite further. I relished it with great gusto. I had ought to try other curries for a taste, but I was quite full from my wonderful Thai curry experience that I gave that tempting thought a pass. What is more, I was so pleasantly overwhelmed and happy with my main course, that I even decided to skip the dessert trolley that seemed so exotic.

Apart from the flavoursome food, the service at Skywalk is exceptional. The servers are educated about food and all the doubts with regards to the curries, the mixing of it are handled with incredible care. That would be a great reason to keep going back to Skywalk for the stellar customer experience they offer. For those who are interested, the curry night happens every Thursday 6;30- 9;30 PM and comes to BD 10 net that includes the beverages, desserts, salads, bread and large varieties of rice apart from the curry offerings. For more info, do not forget to follow and interact with Marriott Executive Apartments on Facebook & Twitter 

Thank you Marriott Executive Apartments and Skywalk for this currylicious experience.I look forward to coming back for more, very soon!

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