Welcome to my little space that I call – The Slice of my Lyfe

Why lyfe and not ‘life’, you ask? Well, that is to say my life is always a bit flawed just like yours. Nothing is perfect, yet everything is beautiful. That is how I think of my lyfe. Quite frankly, this blog and the other one I have, are my sincere attempts to feel good about myself and commit to things that I am passionate about – namely food, writing, being kind, my family, chocolate, my friends, reading and chocolate.

More chocolate..

I started this blog nearly 5 years ago and it has come a long way. I have come a long way. This blog has witnessed the dilemmas of a new mother, the perseverance of a self-taught baker, a writer’s follies and plenty of other amusing things. It has seen a lifetime.

Who am I?

I am a Digital Marketer and run my own company called The Butterfly Effect in Bahrain. Being an entrepreneur has been both rewarding and a decision that was not easy to make. But I am glad I did because it gave me the freedom to think creatively and pick projects that interest me. I live an expat’s life in the Kingdom of Bahrain with my husband and my daughter Mimi. These days my 4-year-old helps me with all my baking trysts and what do you know, she can bake some very mean, ultra delicious chocolate cookies and banana bread. My husband, volunteers to be our guinea pig tasting and nodding his head ( dare he do otherwise!)

What do I do on my blog?

Mostly I cook and bake, take pictures and write with all my heart.

Apart from that, I also write a bit about the places that I travel to, post more pictures and try to see if I can capture the essence of my trips in a few thousand words.

Sometimes, I also get called to do some restaurant reviews. I write my views honestly about what I feel about the food and all the other factors that make a restaurant, the good sort and someone reading my post will feel compelled to try. I feel responsible and would not ever let any of my readers down.

I, also do product reviews, recipe development, recipe testing, and cook book reviews. I would like to write a cookbook and start a digital food mag ( holler, if you would like to partner).

Yes, it is a bit ambitious but then that’s just me.

This blog is special because..

Recently, sliceofmylyfe.com won the best kitchen and dining blog award on Social Media Day and apart from that my recipes get regularly featured in local and international magazines.