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Happy birthday blog!  It is my blog's 7th anniversary today and funny enough I almost forgot about it. Like relationships that we take for granted as time passes by, I have started to take my blog for granted. Hardly giving it the attention and care it deserves. How easily I forgot that this was where it all started - my creative life, the food journey, the writing and ultimately the digital business. In all the years that I wrote my blog regularly, I never suffered a writers' block or never felt the lack of creative ideas. Now that I am doing it lesser and lesser, pool of ideas is growing shallower and for the first time since my birth as ...
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This article appeared in the National Day special edition of the Weekender Weekly.  All pictures by Sushil Sasheendran Bahrain has a rich culinary culture that borrows heavily from the migrants from all over the world who travelled and eventually made this beautiful island-country their home. Over the years, Bahraini cuisine adapted and evolved and formed its own unique identity among all other Arab cuisines. The Bahraini cuisine today is influenced by all the cultures such as Indian, Persian, Sri Lankan, and Palestinian to name a few. In the course of my culinary adventures, it dawned pretty soon that it was only in Bahrain that the aroma of Indian food merges seamlessly with the waft of Mediterranean cooking methods interspersed with Arabic ingredients ...
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I practised being vegan for a short while just out of curiosity. I wanted to know how difficult or easy it was and how this lifestyle shift would benefit my health. I am a vegetarian and so the only things I needed to cut out of my diet were honey and diary products. It the beginning I found it difficult to cut out yogurt but after a few days, it didn't matter. Did I feel any different health -wise? I certainly felt my bloating had reduced but other than that I didn't see any major change. I even tried vegan meals from a home -based vegan meals set up and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I felt I needed to know ...
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Bahrain has multitude of options when it comes to food. Food is sustenance, tradition and entertainment. For self-proclaimed food lovers like me, every single day is a food adventure. Five years and counting, on the island, I can boast about having umpteen food experiences that I share through my blog. However, I am stumped every single time when I come across yet another brilliant food story on the island. Bahrain’s rich food history, tradition and its culinary diversity never cease to surprise me. Last weekend, I took upon myself to visit some of the popular traditional Arabic breakfast joints in Bahrain. My objective was to bring to the forefront only the best places and their best offerings. So follow my ...
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We think we can control it all. To some extent we might be able to do it but let me tell you this - You are kidding yourself if you think you can control it all. Family, work, work relationships, social connections and your own personal space are just few of the things most of us juggle. We set ourselves up for failure when we think we have it all and then when something goes wrong we feel shocked at how on earth did that happen. Relationships are the trickiest of the lot and as years go by I am left with fewer and fewer friends. How did I end up becoming a social failure ? I find it ...
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I discovered avocado very late in life. But I so glad that I finally tried this fruit and I cannot do without it. I love avocado on toast, avocado milk shake and love how it pairs beautifully with quinoa salad. It seems to be such a versatile fruit that goes well with savory and sweet taste.  What makes avocado special is by incorporating it in the diet, it gives a feeling of having a complete meal. This is because it has 34% carbs, 59% fats and 8% protein. All the constituents of a complete me. Weight watchers may feel cynical looking at the carbohydrates and fats content. But it is important to know that avocados are very high in omega ...
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Eid Mubarak to all the readers of my blog. Eid has come and gone, and we are settling down to our 8-5 routine and trust me it is very difficult after being spoiled by the easy going Ramadan timings. Lots happened during Ramadan even if it is considered to be a slow month. All in all, I am grateful for all the time I have been able to spend when my parents were here and with Mimi. I am also grateful for the wonderful bunch of special people in my life who always steer me toward the brighter side of life.  Eid is a special time in Bahrain and so it is for us. Usually, we plan ...
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When I think of waffles, it brings a smile to my face. Therefore, it was exhilarating to create a Date & Banana waffle recipe for Wafflemeister Bahrain. Wafflemeister is a UK based waffle retail chain, which is expanding internationally. Off late, they have opened three outlets in Bahrain - In Galleria zinj, Seef Muharraq and Juffair Mall. Every Wafflemeister bakery serves handmade Belgian Liége waffles, Italian style ice cream (gelato), gourmet coffee and Thick Shakes.   The experience of creating a waffle in a professional kitchen was wonderful. On the designated day, I reached Wafflemeister in Galleria ( Zinj) to join a bunch of other bloggers to create our signature waffles. I presented the wafflemeister team with my date & ...
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There are plenty of exciting concepts sprouting all over the evolving food scene in Bahrain. Ardent foodies have many options to propel them to a various gastronomical seventh heavens. One such wonder is the "curry night" at Skywalk at the Marriott Executive Apartments in Juffair. Quietly nestling in the bustling neighbourhood of Juffair, the Sky walk has been nonchalantly brewing many culinary concepts to delight its in-house patrons ( the customers staying with the Marriott Executive Apartments) and the ones from around the island. Skywalk's latest offering is the "Curry Night" through which it aims to share a different experience with curry lovers. There are lots of versions of curries from different parts of the world and understandably, we all have our ...
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  It is time to announce the winners of giveaway 4 where the winners get a voucher for an Italian buffet for two at Skywalk in the Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair. The lucky winners are -  Nazish Eshan Vinita Iyer Bhavna Malkani Congrats and thank you so much for participating! Hope you enjoy your buffet <3 What a wonderful anniversary has this been! A big thank you to all the readers of my blog. I appreciate all the valuable time you spare to visit my blog ...
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The weather in Bahrain has been just perfect for the past one week. Dramatic clouds adorn the skies and an odd drizzle around the island makes it just perfect. I have been enjoying this weather because I know it is short-lived and the scorching summers are just a few days away. There is something else that I am enjoying just as much and that is announcing giveaways and winners on my blog. My 6th blog anniversary has been so special because of these generous giveaways from wonderful sponsors. With this I announce the winner of the third giveaway - Anusha Raghuram for consistently being so supportive of my blog. Thank you so much Anusha. You win yourself an Organic products ...
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It has been really hectic the past week and I didn't have the time to update the blog. However, here I am with yet another giveaway from Lulu Hypermarket. Not just that, I also will be sharing Quinoa recipes that are extremely easy to prepare and healthy to treat your family to.  Quinoa is a versatile ingredient that is great for all age groups. Quinoa is a seed that is rich is protein and very useful for weight loss. There are primarily three types of Quinoa - Red, White and Black. I use all the three types of Quinoa varieties in my diet and here are my observations of the same-
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