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My favourite Bahraini Breakfast places

Bahrain has multitude of options when it comes to food. Food is sustenance, tradition and entertainment. For self-proclaimed food lovers like me, every single day is a food adventure. Five years and counting, on the island, I can boast about having umpteen food experiences that I share through my blog. However, I am stumped every single time when I come across yet another brilliant food story on the island. Bahrain’s rich food history, tradition and its culinary diversity never cease to surprise me. Last weekend, I took upon myself to visit some of the popular traditional Arabic breakfast joints in Bahrain. My objective was to bring to the forefront only the best places and their best offerings. So follow my food trail and try not to drool while you read.

First stop- Chai Café, Sanabis


This neighbourhood café that is always jam-packed and the waiting is endless especially on the weekends. If you an early riser, it can work in your favour because Chai Café opens by 8 am. Their breakfast options are vast and varied with a huge selection of eggs to choose from. There is something special that makes me visit Chai Café often – the cheese- zaatar Khuboos, cream cheese and omani chips roti, and the karak in a biscuit which they call the “Karak biscuit’. The khuboos is made fresh and right in front of your eyes and you have wonderful choice of eating it laden with Nutella, Mehyawa ( tangy sauce made from fermented fish) and even keema (minced meat). The Chai Karak in a biscuit is karak tea poured into a short bread shaped as a cup and lined with luscious condensed milk. Omani chips which I discovered are a local favourite is the main ingredient of the sandwich that Chai café calls roti. Simple yet delicious flavours of cream cheese, chips and the freshly baked buns make this a wonderful indulgence for weekend breakfasts. On an average, you may end up spending 4 BD/ person on breakfast at Chai Café.

IMG_9645 copy

IMG_9613 copy

Second stop – Café Naseef, Bab Al Bahrain

2 Collage

It is when you go on an expedition, do you stumble upon such well-kept secrets on the island. Café Naseef in Bab Al Bahrain is located inside the souq and is one of the oldest eating joints in Bahrain. It was interesting to note that they have been operational since 1920 and initially started of as Bahrain’s first ice cream shop! Their line up on icecreams was very tempting to say the least but I was there to enjoy the traditional breakfast and that is what I did. Café Naseef has an extensive menu but it is wise to order the Bahraini breakfast platter for BD 6. It comes with piping hot khuboos( bread) and bread with Mehywana sauce too. The main platter consists of several pieces of falafel (patty made from ground chickpeas) with an appetizing tahini sauce, Balaleet ( sweet vermicelli noodles with an omlette), spicy potato mash, foule ( mashed kidney beans), boiled chick peas and shakshouka ( scrambled eggs cooked in tomatoes).All of this glorious food goes smoothly with Karak tea ofcourse. On weekends, it would be better to get into the souq a little early because as the sun rises higher, the waiting list to dine in at Naseef grows bigger.

IMG_9698 copy

IMG_9723 copy

Third stop – Emmawash, Budaiyya

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The first thing that struck me about Emmawash was –‘This place is unique’. This impression stayed as I toured the inside of the restaurant, met with the owner and enjoyed my breakfast. Emmawash is warm and welcoming and instantly feels like home. The servers and the owner- Abdulla make sure you have a good time. It was a revelation as I sampled Emmawash’s breakfast platter that consists of chicken liver, Keema, Nashif ( chicken curry), lentil dal and fresh bread. I washed it down with some chilled laban. To balance the savory, I also tried their special honey, jam, cream cheese which is guaranteed to be a favourite among children. Breakfast at Emmawash can cost an average of 3 BD/ person.

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9787 copy

IMG_9777 copy

IMG_9788 copy

Fourth Stop – Saffron by Jena, Muharraq

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Saffron by Jena is extremely well –known among the locals and expats alike. A Time Out Award winner, this traditional restaurant is a shining beacon in terms of the authenticity. It is located in the heart of old Muharraq, Riffa Fort and the Souq ( Bab Al Bahrain). But to truly immerse yourself in the Saffron experience, you have to visit the Muharraq outlet. Saffron by Jena serves a set menu for breakfast for BD 6 per person but the portions are good for two people. The set menu  comes with Balaleet ( sweetened vermicelli noodles with omlette), Shakshouka ( eggs and tomato), Foule ( mashed kidney beans), potatoes, luba ( spiced baked beans) and a basket of bread with khuboos, zingabri ( buns slathered with a sweet and spicy preserve), another sandwich with vegetarian kebabs and a bread with Mehyawa. They also serve a complimentary chilled saffron drink which is refreshing and acts like a palate cleanser. Saffron is also a place where you can try traditional Arabic sweets such as Ogaili ( a sweet flavoured with saffron, cardamom and rosewater and studded with sesame seeds).

While I went over- the- top and covered all these fabulous breakfast places in a single day, you don’t have to do that. You can take your time and enjoy the local delicacies spacing it out for each weekend. Food is definitely wonderful but it is the cultural vibe that each of these places exude that make it worth it.

IMG_9837 copy

IMG_9836 copy

IMG_9843 copy

IMG_9844 copy

Fifth stop – Haji Gahwa, Manama ( on another day)


Haji Gahwa is an inconspicuous traditional set up in the heart of Manama. You can spot it in the alley next to the Mosque in Bab Al Bahrain, Manama souq. On weekends its is busy with patrons who have been visiting the cafe for years. The Cafe’s most attractive characteristic would be the way it is set up in the alley with ‘old-style’ benches and laminated photographs on the walls that encapsulates the Bahrain of yesteryear. The other highlight of the cafe is their impeccable service and their ever-smiling servers. These servers, despite having their hands full, find time to tell you about the restaurant and its traditions. The dishes that stood out for me particularly were the fasulya ( spicy baked beans), Foul medames, Mehyawa and the fresh-out-of-the-oven khoboos. Make sure you try their egg dishes as well especially the omelette. Haji Gahwa opens at 5:30 am until 11:30 serving fresh breakfast.From noon until 4:30 PM lunch is served and from 5:00 pm to 9 PM, dinner is served. There is a separate section for families


IMG_9369 copy

IMG_9350 copy

Those are my Bahraini Breakfast outlet choices. Have I missed out any that you particularly adore? Let me know.

(Pictures courtesy – @sushil317)

#Giveaway1from Lulu Hypermarket : Easy breakfast parfait with Organic granola

In line with my 6th blog anniversary celebrations, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the leading hypermarkets in Bahrain- Lulu Hypermarket. They have generously offered their Organic products hampers to 3 of my blog readers. To win the 1/3 giveaway, all you need to do is to is leave a comment on this blog saying you are interested in participating and follow Lulu Hypermarket on Instagram – @luluhypermarket_bh

image1 (5)

Lulu Hypermarket has a premium brand called Lulu “Good Life” which has a fantastic range of organic products that most of us do not how to use. During the course of the giveaway, I will be sharing some recipes using some of the products in the hamper so that it will be easy for all of you to use it in interesting ways.


This organic granola is in delicious clusters which will taste good with yogurt or milk. But my personal favourite way of having granola is in parfaits. And why not! It is low in calories, high in nutrition, fab in taste and looks sensational. 


For the recipe 

Mixed fruit parfait
Serves 4
Write a review
Prep Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
  1. 500 gm greek yogurt or hung yogurt ( preferable) else any yogurt will do that is not runny
  2. 4 handfuls of granola clusters
  3. your choice of fruits - pomegranate, mango, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  4. honey to sweeten or any low calorie sweetener
  1. Beat the yogurt until its smooth. Add honey as per liking and beat again. You can use a fork or a small whisk to do this.
  2. Take small serving bowls or mason jars or glasses and layer it with yogurt
  3. The next layer you can have berries or mangoes, finely chopped, followed by more yogurt.
  4. Then the layer after this can be a granola, the more fruit and you can add chopped nuts and seeds.
  5. Place it in the refrigerator to chill for a few hours and enjoy for breakfast or in between snack.
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First date setting challenge + worldwide giveaway #2

I love a good challenge. 

Even if I am not actively thinking about it, it is still running at the back of my mind. My mind is picking and putting the pieces of the puzzles, gauging and then trying another several set of iterations before, it more or less knows that a certain iteration will work. I have really enjoyed working on my challenge no. #2 because this is the first I was focusing more on the setting than the food. If you do not know what I am talking about, you should read this post

My challenge #2 was given to me by Modesty Blaise aka Ruchi. 

A romantic first date with the hubby – She wrote, “They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I disregarded this always but now I have discovered it is quite true. Cook something that you would have on the first dinner date at home, with your husband (when he was your fiancé) – be it a dish from his native place or some exotic foreign cuisine. Mention the course items (appetizers, main course, dessert, drinks) and post a picture of the table setup.”

unnamed (1)


But before I get on with the details of the table setting and the food for my first date, I would like to announce the winner of my first giveaway- Meghna Garg. Thank you Meghna for participating and for your support all these 5 years. She will receive a copy of Nigella Lawson’s – ” How to be a domestic goddess” Hope you enjoy baking and cooking from it like I have all these years. 

It is time to reveal the worldwide giveaway #2. This time again it is something exciting for baking enthusiasts. I love baking cup cakes and decorating them. Until last year my frosting skills were less than stellar. But with some guidance from a baker friend, I have managed to learn the basics and since then enjoyed frosting my cupcakes. So this giveaway includes a cup-cake decorating set from Wilton.



All you need to do is – 

Follow @sliceofmylyfe on Instagram & Twitter and share this post with your family and friends.

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Simple and easy!

Now back to the challenge…

When I had met my husband for the first time, he did not believe me when I told him I knew how to cook. He thought I must be a cup-a-noodles maker! Imagine his astonishment when I whipped up a curry, chappati, a vegetable side and raita. Being a newly-married, I was very excited about showing off my culinary skills and my hubby was a willing guinea pig. 


It took me some time to realize, my hubby was of simple tastes and didn’t really enjoy my elaborate spread. I was a bit disappointed but when life got busy, I started to appreciate a non-demanding husband. Our first date was at Delhi Haat over fruit beer and momos. That was also the day when he proposed marriage to me. 


While attempting this challenge no. 2, I asked him if he wanted me to do a lavish spread and he made a face. He is still the same person who doesn’t really fancy anything lavish. He is also a breakfast person and wanted me to do something simple and an Indian-style French toast was his choice.

unnamed (2)

Getting the entire table setting outside, was my idea because I wanted to re-create the Delhi Haat outdoors setting. Only this time it wasn’t an evening date but a breakfast date. I had plenty of flowers that I used in my table set up because I love flowers and am amazed by how they lift a simple setting to  fairy tale-like. 

unnamed (3)

Apart from flowers, colourful fruits and simple coloured linens really work towards creating a home-style setting. 

I really enjoyed doing this challenge and thank you Ruchi for giving me this opportunity. This experiment has taught me a lot about breaking of colours, composition, placement of elements from a food styling perspective. I will be using this new-found knowledge going forward. 


We, Indians enjoy a savoury breakfast more than a sweet one and that is the reason why we also have a savoury version of the usually sweet French toast. It is very easy to whip up this French toast with just a few ingredients to make it filling and hearty.

Protein packed Burfi
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  1. 2 cups cashew
  2. 1 cup vanilla protein powder
  3. 1 tbsp low fat milk
  1. Soak cashews overnight
  2. Blend the cashew and vanilla protein powder in the food processor
  3. Add 1 tbsp of milk and blend well
  4. Line a baking tray with parchment and grease it.
  5. Spread out the cashew - protein paste and level it. Sprinkle it with nuts, saffron ( whatever you fancy)
  6. Put it in the chiller to set.
  7. Cut into pieces and enjoy
  1. There is no binding agent like butter or ghee which make this burfi melt very fast.
  2. Enjoy each piece but remember to put it back in the refrigerator
  3. If you think the paste of cashew and protein powder is loose enough, you can skip the milk
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{Breakfast Banter} New York Coffee : Restaurant Review

It is no secret how much I adore this first meal of the day. Breakfast was and shall remain the single most important meal for me. I plan my breakfast carefully and take time to enjoy my breakfast, however meagre  because that sets the mood for the rest of the day. Weekend breakfasts are even more important because that is the time I take out to spend with the family while having my favourite meal of the day. For this very reason, I was extremely excited to visit the New York Coffee outlet with my family at The Walk in Riffa. To begin with, I have to say, this newish New York Coffee outlet is impressive – full of sunshine, large, spacious, and airy – it gives you a feeling of a relaxed setting.



Within one quick glance several things caught my eye with regards to the decor. Modern and contemporary with an easy vibe is how I can describe the decor of the cafe. I was overcome with a sudden urge to sit down with my laptop and start writing a new novel or a blog post such as this whilst enjoying a nice cup of cappuccino. My thoughts were interrupted by the cheerful staff at the Cafe who welcomed me with great enthusiasm. The smiling server explained to us our breakfast and brunch options and also made explicit mentions of the offers of the day. We settled for a sumptuous American breakfast and an omelette (my way) while my daughter ordered for a sugary crepe along with a carrot cake.

photo (22)

While our orders were being prepared in the kitchen, I took the opportunity to walk around the cafe. They have a small outdoor seating area which was dappled in the mid – morning sun. I also loitered around the shelves that housed different coffee and tea selections. The aroma of coffee was so inviting that I was half tempted to ask for an espresso instead of the orange juice I had ordered.

photo (21)


I also happened to have a quick chat the General Manager of the outlet who filled me in with all the details about the outlet.  The New York Coffee outlet at the Walk in Riffa is open 24 hours. I was also told that it is the only coffee outlet in Bahrain that roasts and grinds their own coffee locally. Armed with this interesting trivia, I went back to my seat as the server had brought our piping, hot breakfast.

My husband had the omelette (my way) with brown toast and a large glass of fresh orange juice. He was enjoying his breakfast so much that I did not feel like interrupting him to ask how he found the fare. My daughter tucked into her sugary crepe on which there was  a pool of melted butter. Light and mildly sweet, the crepe was just perfect.  As for my breakfast platter – two fried eggs (runny), chicken sausages, salad, brown toast and fresh orange juice – was sumptuous!  I have an aversion towards sausages but these were done so well that they seemed like a treat. Later when my husband finished his breakfast and was sipping his orange juice he mentioned that he wouldn’t mind coming in here for this very plate of omelette every weekend. My daughter enjoyed her slice of the carrot cake mumbling “mmmm, mmmm” in between. That itself was a good indicator of how much she was enjoying her treat.



photo (19)

photo (24)

photo (27)


Finally, when we were patting our warm bellies the server asked us to try their special drink. We couldn’t fathom eating or drinking anything more but he insisted and we thought ‘why not! It’s the weekend!” . He brought in two icy-looking drinks called Honey dew and Mango -tango. While placing these drinks, the server informed that these drinks are special because they are ‘low cal. In my experience, I know of many drinks that are supposedly low cal but are full of sugar. So I challenged him, “ How low?”  ”

“Only 7 cals!!“, he replied

That was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it. We went to the counter and he showed me his premix and described to me the method of preparation and I realized it was true. I enjoyed my drink with a greater gusto. The honey-dew was refreshing and I have a feeling its is going to be hugely popular this summer. 

photo (25)

All in all, it was a wonderful morning spent savouring one gastronomic delight after the other. Bahrain!! Chuck your usual breakfast dos and go to New York Coffee. I dare say, you won’t regret it!

*This is a sponsored post but all the views and opinions expressed are my own.

The Breakfast Post – Poached eggs in baked beans

A few days back I tweeted about my love for breakfasts.

Twitter (1)

It indeed is the most important meal for me and that love has been sown and nurtured by my mother who made sure we had amazing home-made breakfast on our table every day. I looked back to my archives and found what little love I have actually shown through my blog posts – very few breakfast recipes that showcase not even an ounce of what this meal of the day means to me.


So to bring that a balance back I thought I really need to put out some breakfast dishes that are not only easy to put together but also sumptuous. Most of the times, you will notice that eggs feature prominently. That is because I LOVE EGGS. I find that they are filling, tasty and oh-so versatile to use.


This egg recipe is the easiest of them all and can be whipped up in no time. I didn’t bother with making the baked beans from the scratch. Breakfast preparation is a hurried affair and there’s only time to flip open a can and pour the contents out on certain days. Not the method I usually prefer but at times I do pick convenience over ideology [ about eating healthy, less sugar, less salt, less processed food and all that]

It also struck me that I want as many breakfast recipes I can lay my hands on. Especially the tried and the tested ones. So I call out to all the foodies and breakfast lovers to share their recipes either as  a guest post on my blog or on your own  blog with a link back or simply a recipe or even a photograph depicting why they love breakfast and what breakfast means to them.



Grab a badge and tell me all your breakfast stories which may be laced with memories old and new. How a certain kind of breakfast brings out the best in you for the rest of the day.  Hope to hear from all the breakfast lovers soon. You can email me your recipes  and pictures at dazzler29 [at] gmail [dot] com

Now back to the recipe.

This baked beans can be made as spicy or as sweet as you want it to be.  With crisp brown toast they are a match made in heaven.



In other news, I am on Instagram now and you can follow me at sliceofmylyfe. I am a late entrant no doubt but I am quite enjoying keeping in touch with all the other lovers of life in pictures. This late entry gives me the opportunity of going back to my older posts and life and enjoy those pictures once again. I hope you do too!

Here’s a sample!