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Fresh food counter at Lulu Hypermarket : Review

Off late, my schedule has been outright maddening. There hasn’t been any time to cook or enjoy a meal in peace. But I am glad that I have plenty of takeaway and home delivery options in Bahrain, that make my life easy. One of the reliable options is the hot food counter at Lulu Hypermarket. It also helps that it is dot opposite my home. 

Any time I feel I am missing home and feel a deep craving for home style food, I head to Lulu Hypermarket to enjoy my favourite sweets, snacks like pakoras, samosas. 





Lulu Hypermarket’s hot food section has a great selection to choose from as you can see from the pictures. 

When I was offered to the opportunity to review the hot food section, I preferred Indian food and this is what they packed for me as a takeaway.


The menu consisted of – A spicy salad which we call “Kachumber”, my favourite kadai paneer, Lemon and spice chicken tikka, Kashmiri Pulao and a selection of Indian sweets. 

The Kashmiri Pulao was fragrant and delicious with long-grained basmati rice, vegetables, sweet red grapes flavoured in saffron and spices. Simply delicious!

The kadai Paneer was oily and very “dhaba” style – exactly how I like it. Indulging once in a while is good for the soul, I believe.

The salad was the right accompaniment as it served as a palette cleanser. 

The chicken was lemon-y and very appetizing but I preferred by vegetarian fare over the meat. 

The milk -based sweets hit the right note without being too sweet. 

All in all, the meal from Lulu Hypermarket’s hot counter was filling and scrumptious and comes recommended for that once in a while indulgence or every day meal ( where you should opt for the lighter dals and vegetable curries or grills for the meat eaters)

The Rendezvous spread at Bahrain City Center


Let us begin this review from the very end. This is how I ended up after my food review at Rendezvous in Bahrain City Center.

Rendezvous is a restaurant that serves continental, Arabic, and fusion cuisine and you’ll spot it very close where all the Cineco movie halls are. They have both the buffet and the ala carte to choose from. I have been to Rendezvous before for office lunches with colleagues and each time, I felt so spoiled for choice. Rendezvous food makes a bit nostalgic because they are perhaps one of the few fine-dine restaurants in Bahrain that serve – Indo-chinese  and Indo-Italian style food which I grew up eating in India. It is spicy, sweet and savory – all in one that is simply lip smacking good. 

I visited Rendezvous during Ramadan and the spread was generous as always. The spread was a fine balance between Arabic, Indian and continental. 

Warning: long photo essay ahead.

Starting with the desserts first because that is my favourite course. The desserts section was simply splendid. There was so many desserts that children are sure to enjoy like this jelly which was a pure delight. No restaurant serves jelly on its own these days and that makes Rendezvous very special. At times, savouring spoonfuls of cool jiggly jelly can be heavenly. 



creme caramel slices
creme caramel slices



That was the dessert section but not limited to what I have shown here.

Seen enough? Not yet.

Let graduate towards the main course now.









Then this happened3640b2d99dde2f999e2d910cfb3e1fca


But let us persevere and plough on, in the true spirit of culinary adventure.

Next come the appetizing appetizers 





That brings me to the close of the food review. After to so much food, it is natural to be in a food induced coma. I would recommend Rendezvous if the sight of different kinds of spreads entices you. I enjoy being spoiled for choice and hence I would keep visiting Rendezvous to experience more incidences of food coma. 

Per person charges : 5.5+ taxes

This is a sponsored post but the views expressed are entirely mine


{Restaurant Review} Ninos Restaurant, Seef



You walk into Nino’s restaurant in Seef’s Aali Mall, in the afternoon, you will be greeted with a scene of busy office – going lunch goers hurriedly yet enjoyably having their lunch. The servers at Nino skillfully glide through the aisles between the tables with guests, juggling plates of piping hot food and colourful drinks. It is a typical scene at any restaurant, you would say. But to me, there was this sense of harmony, in every bit of activity that went on while my food review exercise progressed. Perhaps the only awkward spot would have been me and the commissioned photographer who unsuccessfully tried to get one shot of me without my mouth full of food. 

The restaurant review at Ninos was a planned one with Obai & Hill and the O Talent group of lovely people. A planned review is a misnomer. Food, as we all know, attaches to itself that element of discovery and surprise. Even if you have been to a restaurant many times or if it is your first time, the food and the overall experience can always be something you not have expected.  I have been to Ninos several times before this and each time I rapidly jumped the menu to order something from their ‘weight watchers’ section (with a side of my favourite fries)

This was my opportunity to sample Nino’s best and see if they stood up to their promise. Nino’s serves Japanese and Italian crowd-pleasing dishes to its patrons. To some, this may come across as grossly mismatched but I do not mind ordering a platter of mixed Maki and edemame with Italian favourites at the same time. Good food, after all, is good food. 

Chipotle chicken and avocado sliders

The Restaurant Manager, Mr. Amit was very gracious and excitedly explained about the food served at Ninos. His passion for his work and food shone through the entire conversation, as he explained ingredients, methods of cooking and other finer details. 

First came the soup – Zuppa de Funghi – a mushroom soup enriched with herbs and cream. A soul-satisfying soup that will fill you up with warmth, spoon by spoon. I thoroughly enjoyed this soup and I must warn you that all the portions at Ninos are American-style – HUGE.

Chicken avocado salad

 The Avocado and chicken salad was the next dish served as a side, which in my opinion, could very well be the main. Thinly sliced chicken breast, avocado, mixed lettuce, pomegranate, toasted pine nuts tossed with Chicken jus – white vinaigrette. I enjoyed the mildly seasoned chicken and the slight bite from the avocado and the pine nuts. Felt that this salad came together beautifully with the dressing. ( Highly recommended)

As the review progressed, I was also served a rejuvenating cold drink which is Nino’s specialty. I must tell you, it is just the kind of drink that I needed to awaken all my senses. A tangy, sweet, peppery lemonade that was laced with the flavours of ginger cordial, coriander, mint, lemon, lemon grass and cranberry juice. This is called the Igano ( not in the picture).  This is a must-have because it isn’t a drink like any other. 

If bite-sized meal is your thing, then the next on the list to- order should be the chipotle chicken and avocado sliders. This is why I like Ninos. There is avocado in every other dish and avocados make everything taste amazing! These bite-size wonders are flavour bombs and quite filling. 

Just when I thought, this is where I should really end my meal, I was served a platter of food from heaven. All bite -sized morsels, deep fried, filled with cheese and served piping hot, have the power to heal all your emotional problems. Every bite was a warning that I did not heed because during such times in your life, you just ought to follow your heart. The deep fried morsels were Fritto funghi – crumbed white mushrooms, filled with chicken fontina, parmesan and herbs and Chicken Tenders- crumbed chicken breast tenders served with parmesan dip

A platter of Fritto funghi, chicken tenders and other such divine deep fried morsels
A platter of Fritto funghi, chicken tenders and other such divine deep fried morsels

 To me, Nino restaurant represents quality, fantastic tasting, tummy-warming food served consistently and not to mention there is something for everyone at Ninos. If you come here with your family, there wouldn’t be question about whether any one of you might not get what you are craving to eat. Nino’s caters to all palettes, continental cuisine -wise and Asian cuisine-wise too. 

That is why I did not find it out of place to have a sumptuous crab and prawn Maki admidst my Italian fare.

Nino’s just makes it work!

In the end, when I was doubly sure, that dessert was simply not an option, I was presented with a warm date bread pudding with ice cream  ( not in the picture). In between some curses and swears, I savoured my date bread pudding, not minding that I was bursting at the seams. 

For this divine date bread pudding alone, I would urge you to go to Nino’s and while you are enjoying it mark my words –

Happiness is … a warm date bread pudding from Ninos.


Nino’s also does home deliveries so make sure you order-in on a hectic week day and enjoy the awesome food from Nino’s from the comfort of your home

Location: Seef, Aali Mall

Tel: 17 566 555

Times: Open daily 11am-midnight

Price: BD 10-25 / person

This review was sponsored but all the views expressed are mine


Taking my passion for food to the next level

My obsession with food has been life – long. It is very evident if you follow me on Twitter (@sliceofmylyfe), Instagram (@sliceofmylyfe) or if you are my Facebook friend. In real life too, it is no different. Each day is about cooking different kinds of food, going to food tastings, restaurant reviews. attending special food nights at hotels, reviewing brunches, writing, discussing, recipe testing, recipe development, trying new food/ cook ware products, ingredients and the list goes on.

There is this other element of food that I started to enjoy particularly after I started taking my food blog seriously; food photography and food styling. Mostly what I have learnt is by observing what other amazing food photographers and stylists do on their blog and videos. Sometimes, these professionals put out tutorials which are very helpful and that has helped me improve my skills in the food styling department to an extent where I have begun to do this professionally. 

To do this professionally for clients I have teamed up with George Matthew, who is an incredibly talented food photographer with a great passion for his craft. You can check out his Instagram feed ( @greyimagefood) and I bet you won’t stop drooling. George and I have done some food photography and styling assignments together with great success. Some examples of which you can see below

butter instagram layout58butter instagram layout17

The thing about doing creative work is that you want to constantly push your boundaries and today, we bring to you a video we shot of a Chocolate Lava Cake with molten caramel center. Check the video here and let us know your feedback

For the recipe, check this recipe card out

Dates Peda
Yields 12
It is sugar-free and ghee-free Indian sweet and hence makes it a low -calorie dessert
Write a review
Prep Time
17 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
17 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. 1 cup paneer/ cottage cheese ( I used the frozen variety from the market)
  2. 3/4th cup dates paste ( I used the ready made with no sugar)
  3. Alternately, you can soak a cup and a half of dates overnight and drain water to make a fine paste the next day
  4. 1/2 cup warm milk
  5. sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg
  6. Crushed nuts to decorate
  1. Crumble the paneer as finely as possible in a microwave safe bowl
  2. Take the date paste and mix it well with the paneer. I used my hands to knead it well.
  3. If you are using whole dates to make a paste, you can simply toss the paneer and dates into the food processor and grind it together into a fine paste.
  4. With the ready made dates paste recipe, you need to add warm milk little by little to get a dough with loose consistency.
  5. Now microwave it on high in spurts of 2.5 minutes. Every 2.5 minutes take the bowl out, mix the ingredients well with a spatula and add cinnamon and nutmeg.
  6. Get it back into the microwave for another 2.5, get it out, stir.
  7. Then put it back for another 3 minutes and remove it. The dough should be of a pliable consistency.
  8. It will be very hot, so be careful. But do not allow it to be cool because you will not be able to shape them otherwise.
  9. Finally, shape them into peda -shapes ( oval/round) and decorate with crushed nuts.
  10. The dates peda stays well and there is no need to refrigerate it.
Sliceofmylyfe - a Food blog based in Bahrain http://www.sliceofmylyfe.com/

5th blog anniversary & winner of giveaway #4

Today, 5 years back, I started my blog with no specific objective. I didn’t know I could write. I didn’t know that written words would actually help me express better than spoken ones. Today, I understand, how much succour writing has provided me and the innumerable opportunities it has given me. Truth be said, writing and blogging have opened my mind’s eye and when I write, I see, what I saw much better and clearer, though back-dated. Reflection through writing is meditative and therapeutic at times. 

I owe a lot of my happy moments to my blog – Slice of my lyfe 

One such happy moment is today when it completes its 5th year. 


1 (2)


I hope to keep writing and keep wondering. 

Before I forget, let me announce the winner of my giveaway #4 

Mayuri Vivek Guralwar

Congrats Mayuri! You win yourself Rachel Khoo’s – My little Paris Kitchen. I hope you enjoy this book as I have.

It was a wonderful 4 weeks, celebrating my blog anniversary and making a big deal about it. And why not! Both my blog and I deserve it. Thank you to all the readers of my blog who participated in the giveaway. There will be more giveaways in the future so don’t be too disappointed.